Posted by ALEX GUO

For the health and beauty of your feet, it’s important to take regular care to keep them in tip top shape. From daily application of moisturizer, to weekly checks, and also maintaining a healthy regime of keeping on your toes; foot care begins with the trimming of nails, and ends in the buffing and exfoliation of skin. Keep your feet beautiful, and your skin feeling supple, with a clever foot care routine that can help you’ll love your feet to even take that selfie on the beach. 

Every Day

Starting with the basics, if there’s one thing you should be certain to do every day, it’s washing your feet with care. In the shower, apply a pH-friendly soap or shower gel to all areas of your feet, including between the toes and the heel. This will reduce bacteria, sweat and help clear away dead skin too. You could also exfoliate your skin, keeping it smooth and removing more dead skin from your feet. Before you go to bed, moisturize your feet. This will give you supple and smooth and beautiful feet in the morning, with no fuss.

Once a Week 

You should trim the nails on your feet regularly, this, along with filing them, will keep them short enough to feel comfortable, and will help prevent build-up of sweat and fungus under the nail. You might want to spend your Sunday night with a foot care regime, including trimming, filing and also smoothing.

Regular foot care equals healthy and beautiful feet, and less likelihood of infection. It also means beautiful feet that you just won’t be able to avoid showing off.