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Bunion Corrector Sleeves

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Product Features
  • SUPERIOR BUNION PAIN RELIEF - This Bunion is designed to provide superior bunion relief. It features a super comfortable gel pad positioned over the site of the bunion to provide cushioning. The gel bunion pad prevents the bunion from getting aggravated by rubbing against shoes.
  • FEATURES SILICONE GEL TOE SPACER – Our Bunion Sleeve doesn't just provide relief over the bunion area, it also ensures that the alignment of your big toe will revert back to its proper position. With this durable medical grade toe spacer positioned between your toes, you'll find that your bunion problem will slowly fade away. The pressure over time will realign your toe joints.
  •  INCLUDES TWO BUNION BOOTIES – We provide a pair of bunion protectors to ensure your maximum relief. Bunion problems usually appear on both feet so we made sure you'll get the most efficient treatment by wearing a bunion sleeve on both feet at once. No need to switch off here.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Made of stretchable fabric, these toe spacers are universally sized to fit anyone. Men and ladies alike can enjoy the benefits of wearing our bunion toe straightener and receive the maximum relief.
  • LIGHT AND DISCREET – These bunion correctors are designed with durable and lightweight elastic fabric that slip easily over your feet and into any pair of shoes. They are fairly colored so they remain as unobtrusive as possible.
  • Product:Bunion Corrector Sleeve
  • Color:Khaki
  • Wight:1.8 oz
  • Size:2.4 x 0.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Includes:1 Pair x Bunion Corrector Sleeve
Kindly Remind
  • The bunion relief sleeve acts as a buffer between your hallux valgus and footwear and prevents painful rubbing and friction.
  • The gel pad is positioned exactly over the 1st metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint--which is where your bunion comes from, to provide relief precisely at the site of your pain.
  • This sleeve also features a gel toe spacer positioned between your first and second toe. This toe separator solves problems associated with a bunion, and toe drift. With the toe separator in place, your big toe will stay in proper alignment, preventing the sides of your shoes from rubbing on your bunion during the day.
  • Repositioning your big toe with the toe separator stretches the underlying tissue as well, reducing aching and strain.
  • With this in mind, we designed this very effective bunion relief sleeve to provide you with maximum relief from your bunion pain.

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