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Heel Pads Cushion Grips

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Product Features
  • Gel Heel Grips designed to fit the contour of the heel section of the shoe(high heels, flats, pumps and boots etc.
  • Maximum Comfort from Quality Polymer Gel, adhesive backing to apply to shoe, to relief pressure and pain.
  • Protect Heels From Painful Rubbing, Blister and Discomort, make you enjoy your high heel time( dancing, a long walking, shopping)
  • Stops heel rubbing and slipping - and improve the fit of your shoes - with these heel protectors. Adds extra life to hosiery.
  • Easy to use - Simply remove the adhesive backing and place the pad on the inside heel of shoe. Press firmly. If the adhesive loses its tackiness, just wash it and it will be just as the first time being used.
  •  ProductHeel Pads Cushion Grips, Shoes Boots High Heels Gel Inserts Insoles Liners.
  • Color:Pink / Purple / Blue / Apricot / Black / Transparent
  • Wight:3oz
  • Size:5.5 x 3.3 x 0.2 inches
  • Includes:1 Pair x Heel Pads Cushion Grips
Kindly Remind
  • Make sure your shoes is a half size too big if you plan to use these. Because if your shoes fits your foot perfectly, when you use heel cushion, you will feel painful or pinch.
  • You can adjust the heel cushion position when you feel uncomfortable.
  • If the adhesive loses its tackiness, just wash it and it will be just as the first time being used.

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